Rally tasting in Colmar

The itinerary takes the teams to the districts of the historic centre of Colmar: the “Little Venice”, known for its romantic canals around which typical half-timbered houses are built, the “Cathedral” located a few steps from the Unterlinden museum, the places decorated with artworks that were donated to his native town by Augustus Bartholdi, the famous designer of the Statue of Liberty.


The team distribution of participants makes group cohesion easier and allows a fun discovery of the city; its history, its essential monuments, a few anecdotes and its gastronomy!


  • Teams of 5 to 8 members explore the city and its culinary specialities autonomously, each with a road book and a map.
  • To earn points, each member of the team chooses to play a role among the following: the sommelier tastes 3 Alsatian wines blind and finds their names, the mathematician estimates the weight of a Kougelhof without touching it, the cheese maker tastes and recognizes 3 Alsatian cheeses, the explorer searches for 3 regional products by solving riddles, the historian rediscovers ancient life through clues that can be found on the walls of buildings !
  • At the end of the game, after correcting and classifying the teams, an Alsatian gingerbread is given to each competitor and bottles of Alsatian wine are awarded to each member of the winning team.
  • Alle Teams machen die gleiche Rallye, aber die Reiseroute der einzelnen Teams ist unterschiedlich. Der Koordinator stellt eine telefonische Hotline zur Verfügung, um ein Team in Schwierigkeiten zu unterstützen.


Duration 2 H 30
Departure / Arrival Place de la gare / Place de la gare
Included in the service Rally organization / Animator / Roadbooks correction / Teams classification / Rewards for participants: Gingerbread and bottles of wine – Tastings: 3 glasses of wine per team + 3 varieties of cheese for all participants + 1 Kougelhopf per team
Options Several possibilities for adapting the rally: Arrival in a “Winstub” for a tasting of Alsatian wine and pretzels / Modification of the departure or arrival point / Personalisation of gingerbread on behalf of the company / Replacement of wine bottles by honey bribes
Available versions
Seminars – Team Building  
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