Rally photo in Strasbourg

Strasbourg possesses a wonderful cathedral at the foot of which the city has developed over the centuries. The “Gutenberg” district was the economic centre where the town hall and river customs were located. The “Petite France” district is made up of typical half-timbered houses.


The team distribution of participants makes group cohesion easier and allows a fun discovery of the city; its history, its essential monuments, a few anecdotes!


  • Teams of 5 to 8 members explore the city autonomously, each with a road book and a map.
  • To obtain points, the teams have 8 silent photos and must recognize the monuments represented. Then, descriptions are provided to identify 8 places or buildings to be photographed. Teams may ask passers-by to help them in their mission.
  • At the end of the game, after correcting and classifying the teams, an Alsatian gingerbread is given to each competitor and bottles of Alsatian wine are awarded to each member of the winning team.
  • All teams do the same rally but each team’s itinerary is different. The animator ensures a telephone hotline in order to provide assistance to a team in difficulty.
Duration 2 H 30
Departure / Arrival Place du château / Place Saint Thomas
Included in the service The organization – An on-site animator – The correction of the roadbooks – The classification of the teams – Rewards for participants: Gingerbread and bottles of wine
Options Coming into a “Winstub” (wine tavern) for a wine-tasting of Alsatian wine with pretzels – Possibility of modifying the place of departure or arrival of the rally – Possibility of customizing the gingerbread in the name of the company – Possibility of replacing the bottles of wine with honey bribes
Available versions
Rally for professionals
Deutsch English Français