Le créateur de jeux de piste en Alsace
Il était une fois la ville

Rally photo in Strasbourg


Historic city centre of Strasbourg: Cathedral district, Gutenberg district and Petite France district


Will you be able to find the Strasbourg building on which a photo of a detail of its façade was taken? Learn how to be an observer, as this operation needs to be repeated on 8 other monuments! But will you also find the building in connection with an enigma that needs to be solved? Once again, 8 puzzles are waiting for you!


  • The experienced animator presents a quick and amusing history of the city and explains the course of the rally
  • The group is divided into teams of 5 to 8 members. You can form the teams according to the exchanges you wish to facilitate between participants
  • A roadbook is given to each team. It contains historical information, the itinerary and questions related to the challenge
  • Teams do the same rally but on different itineraries in order to avoid them following each other.
  • The rally is run autonomously, however, the animator can be reached by telephone to provide assistance to a team in difficulty
  • On arrival, the animator corrects the roadbooks, discloses the answers to the questions in front of all the teams by adding a few historical details, announces the ranking of the teams and rewards the participants: 1 traditional heart-shaped gingerbread for all participants and 1 bottle of Alsace wine from a small producer for each member of the winning team


Duration 2 H 30
Departure / Arrival Place du château / Place Saint Thomas
Groups Team cohesion, welcoming foreign colleagues, team building, incentives
Included in the service Rally organization / Animator / Rewards (see above)
Options Winstub on arrival (Alsatian wine, soft, pretzels) / Modification of departure-arrival point / Personalisation of awards: the name of the company can be written in sugar on gingerbread / honey pots can replace bottles of wine
Available versions
Event Companie  
Français Deutsch English
Only on quotation
(Minimum to be paid: 10 participants)