Le créateur de jeux de piste en Alsace
Il était une fois la ville


CityQuizz© is an innovative mobile application that allows you to discover a city through treasure hunts that stimulate the sense of observation!

There are several CityQuizz© accessible to everyone, young and old, and available in French, German and English:

  • STRASBOURG in the historic city centre, in the Neustadt district, around the European institutions, and… the traditions of a Christmas of yesteryear in Alsace
  • OBERNAI in the historic city centre and on the traditions of an old-fashioned Christmas in Alsace
  • COLMAR in the historic city centre
  • EGUISHEIM in the historic city centre
  • KAYSERBERG in the historic city centre

And very soon other courses in the process of being created!

Each CityQuizz© is designed as a treasure hunt, punctuated by stops to discover essential monuments, curiosities and unusual places.

At each step, a simple, quick and precise historical description, an observation question with the answer nearby, and 3 proposed answers to facilitate research!

The correct answer is then revealed, along with an explanation that makes the subject no longer has any secrets!